Sterile gauze napkins in transparent individual packaging

In one box of 50 sachets of 2 napkins each

    • 7,5 х 7,5 cm
    • 10 х 10 cm


Milplast Desmasoft wipes are used as ready-made surgical dressings at home or in treatment and prevention facilities. Sterile gauze napkins MILPLAST® Desmasoft are recommended for: Wetting and absorption of biological fluids Making compresses Disinfection of the injured area Protect the wound from the environment Treatment of the necessary areas of the skin with medical solutions Aseptic dressing bases Stops bleeding


100% cotton gauze type 17, 12 layers


1. Open the sterile package and remove the napkin 2. Place the napkin on the damaged area 3. Secure with a bandage or plaster 4. The frequency of dressing changes depends on the individual condition of the wound (as the exudate seeps: on average - 1-2 times a day)


Individual intolerance of materials. Hypoallergenicity of materials reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, but does not preclude their occurrence.
  • Properties:

    Absorbent (quickly absorb large amounts of liquid) Absence of threads from edges (prevention of hit of threads in a wound) Individual dust- and moisture-proof packaging Sterile
  • Storage:

    Store napkins in individual packaging in a dry place. Do not use wipes if the packaging is damaged.
  • Shelf life:

    5 years from the date of manufacture (see packaging)
  • Pack size: