Herpes patches

In one box 10 plasters in individual packing:

    • diameter 14 mm


The herpes patch has an antiherpetic, antiseptic, and masking effect on the manifestations of herpes on the lips. If necessary, you can mask with lipstick, powder or foundation.


Transparent PU (polyurethane) base with protection Applicator Hypoallergenic glue The active ingredient is tea tree oil (melaleuca).


Before use, clean the herpes rash and the skin around it from dirt and moisture. Remove the protective film from the patch and apply it to the herpes rash with an applicator. Remove the applicator and the blue protective film and lightly press the patch against the skin. Change the anti-herpes patch every 8 hours. It is recommended to start use at the first signs of herpes. Duration of use - until complete healing of the rash.


Use only from 16 years. Do not use simultaneously with other antiherpetic drugs. In case of any skin irritation, stop treatment immediately.
  • Properties:

    Therapeutic Antiseptic Antiherpetic Concealer
  • Storage:

    Store the patch in individual packaging in a dry place. Do not use if package is damaged.
  • Shelf life:

    3 years since date of production (see on the packaging)
  • Packaging:

    Euro hang box