Foot care products

Foot care products

Gel and silicone products for foot protection

MILPLAST FOOT COMFORT is a line of gel and silicone products that includes 14 products for foot protection and comfort in various possible problems and situations.

All FOOT COMFORT products are manufactured on the basis of modern production facilities of well-known European manufacturers of medical devices made of high quality silicone. The country of location of the plants where the products are manufactured is Spain. FOOT COMFORT products comply with the basic requirements and standards of the European Union and undergo strict quality control and a full procedure for assessing compliance with EU directives. Only advanced technologies and high-quality materials are used in the production.

In the manufacture of products of the FOOT COMFORT line, a combination of medical silicone and polymer gel technologies is used.

Characteristics and advantages of silicone:

• 100% medical grade silicone

• Fast pain relief and protection against skin injury

• High degree of hypoallergenicity

• Different silicone densities for different areas of the foot: to increase comfort and effectiveness and avoid rubbing and discomfort

• Durability: easy to clean

• Suitable for repeated use

Characteristics and benefits of polymer gel:

• It has the properties of returning to its previous shape after compression and stretching

• It has a moisturizing effect on the skin due to its special composition - based on medical oils

• Has high protective properties against skin injury, friction and slipping

• The softness and elasticity of the gel ensures high comfort of the products when worn in any type of footwear