Water-resistant plasters

20 individually packed plasters

    • 20 pcs. - 7 x 2 cm


The Milplast Aquastop water-resistant plaster reliably protects your damaged skin area against water and dirt. This protection is especially important during active water-based recreations: sea or lake swimming, visiting of swimming pool or water parks, bathing or showering. In addition, the plaster will be useful during cleaning, clothes and dishes washing. The plaster elasticity allows its application on any skin area, while its transparency ensures the invisible protection.

Milplast Aquastop can be removed easily and painlessly, without remains on the skin.


- Transparent polymeric material;

- Acrylic adhesive, which reliably fastens plaster and prevents its slipping;

- Sorptive pad with protective mesh preventing wound adhesion.

All materials used for plaster manufacturing have hypoallergenic properties.


1. Remove contaminations and liquids from the wound and surrounding skin.

2. Open plaster package, remove protective paper strips and tightly fasten the plaster on the damaged area.

3. Remove blue protective film.

For external use only! Do not leave plaster on the skin over 24 hours.


Idiosyncrasy to materials.

Hypoallergenicity of materials reduces probability of hypersensitivity reactions, but does not exclude their occurrence.

  • Plaster properties:

    - Water-resistant - Hypoallergenic - Elastic - Transparent
  • Storage:

    Keep dry, at room temperature. Do not unpack unless necessary.
  • Shelf life:

    3 years after production (see package)
  • Pack size:

    Euro hang box