Water repellent hemostatic sterile plaster

20 individually packed plasters in 1 box

    • 15 pcs. -7 cm x 2 cm
    • 5 pcs. - 3,8 cm x 3,8 cm


Plaster Milplast BLOODStop is used for mechanical protection of small wounds.

The plaster is developed specifically for: - creating a mechanical barrier for protection against dirt and bacteria - the absorption of exudates (including blood) that is excreted from the wound.

The plaster creates the optimal environment for fast blood stoppage and for its further healing through the rapid absorption of any secretions, air circulation and protection against ingress of dirt and bacteria into the wound.


- PE base with microperforation;

- Acrylic glue, which reliably fastens plaster and prevents abrasion;

- Sterile double-layer gauze pad (1 layer - transparent perforated LDPE, 2 layer - chopped cellulose and binding fibers).


1. Remove contaminations and water from the wound and surrounding skin;

2. Remove protective paper strips and tightly fasten the plaster on the damaged area;

For external use only! Do not leave plaster on the skin over 24 hours.


Idiosyncrasy to materials.

Hypoallergenicity of materials reduces probability of hypersensitivity reactions, but does not exclude their occurrence.

  • Plasters properties:

    - Protective - Sterile - Water repellent - Hypoallergenic
  • Storage:

    Keep dry, at room temperature. Do not unpack unless necessary.
  • Shelf life:

    5 years after production (see package)
  • Pack size:

    Euro hang box