Disposable three-layer medical masks

One box contains:

    • 50 psc


MILPLAST FACE MASKS are recommended to be used during infectious epidemics, which are handed over by aiborne way and as well as by contacting with infected ones, for reducing infection risks.


Moisture absobtion layer - polyprophylene non-wowen material;

Waterproof layer - polyprophylene non-wowen material Spandex;

Layer-filter - wowen material.


Disposable three-layer medical masks MILPLAST FACE MASKS is means for: dust, microbes, bacteriums, microorganisms protection.

Time of usage depends on temperature and humidity of the environment and on breathing rate. If the mask becomes wet - it must be changed!

The mask is recommended to use in crowds, public transport and in closed premises, where there is a risk of being infected.

In period of episemia\phandemia it is recommended to change mask each two hours.


Induvidual intolerance of materials. Hypoallergenic materials reduce probability of allergic reaction, but does not exclude their appearings.

  • Mask properties:

    - without medicaments - without latex - without biological products
  • Storage:

    To keep in a dry place with moderate temperature. To be kept from heat sources and direct sun lights
  • Shelf life:

    3 years since date of production (see on the packaging)
  • Packaging: