KIDS Occlusive (Size M)

Occlusive sterile plasters for eyes

20 individually packed plasters/box

    • 5 х 8 sм


Milplast KIDS Occlusive is used in children's ophthalmic practice as an occlusive dressing for vision correction (occlusion treatment - eye closure). The plaster absorbs the secretions, protects against dust, dirt and light rays.

The set also comes with cheerful stickers to raise the mood of a small patient.


- Cotton wicker base;

- Hypoallergenic acrylic glue, which reliably fastens plaster and prevents its slipping;

- Black polyurethane with white PE base.


1. Clean and dry eye and surroundong area;

2. Take the plaster out of the wrapping and remove the protective part. Remove the sheets protecting the adhesive surfaces, and position the eye-patch so that the pad is correctly positioned over the eye.

3. Change the medication when you need it.

Use in ophthalmic practice as an occlusive dressing.


Idiosyncrasy to materials.

Hypoallergenicity of materials reduces probability of hypersensitivity reactions, but does not exclude their occurrence.

  • Plaster properties:

    - Protective - Sterile - Hypoallergenic - Dermatologically tested
  • Storage:

    Keep dry, at room temperature. Do not unpack unless necessary.
  • Shelf life:

    5 years after production (see package)
  • Pack size:

    Euro hang box