Postoperative patches on a waterproof basis

30 patches in one box

    • 7,5Х7,5СМ (WORKING SURFACE 4X3,5СМ)
    • 7,5Х10СМ (WORKING SURFACE 4,5X5СМ)


The MILPLAST Post-Operative Waterproof patch has been specially developed to protect postoperative sutures and deep wounds from water ingress, contamination and infection. In addition, the pillow inside the patch absorbs any fluid that may be released from the wound in the postoperative period. Thanks to the completely waterproof base, the patch allows the patient to take a shower after surgery, as it completely protects the postoperative wound even with heavy water flows.


Absorbent gauze compress Adhesive layer PU (polyurethane) base


1. Clean the wound and the skin around it of dirt and moisture. 2. Remove the protective paper strips and secure the patch to the damaged area. 3. Remove the blue protective film.


Individual intolerance of materials. Hypoallergenicity of materials reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, but does not preclude their occurrence.
  • Properties:

    Absorbent Waterproof Protective Sterile
  • Storage:

    Store in individual packaging in a dry place. Do not use if package is damaged.
  • Shelf life:

    5 years from the date of manufacture (see packaging)
  • Pack size: