Adhesive forefoot pad

MIPLAST Foot Comfort

1 pair in box

    • size universal


Provides analgesic and shock-absorbing action in the forefoot.


Adhesive layer, Polymer gel with medical oils

Method of use:

1. Before use, wash and dry the problem area of the skin where the product will be used. 2. Place the pad with the adhesive side against the inside of the shoe under the forefoot. Press against your shoe for a secure fit. 3. After removing the shoes, rinse the product with warm water or a damp cloth and dry naturally (without the use of heating devices and avoiding direct sunlight). 4. After drying, the product is ready for reuse.


Do not use more than 14-16 hours a day. For external local use only. Avoid contact of the adhesive part with open wounds.
  • Properties:

    - for all types of shoes - anesthetizes - washes
  • Storage conditions:

    Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Expiration date:

    5 years from the date of manufacture (see packaging)
  • Release form:

    Euro hang box