Classic plasters

Classic plasters

Plasters for every home first aid kit!

In today's world, it's hard to imagine a person who hasn't used a plaster at least once. An adhesive plaster is an indispensable thing that saves us from annoying troubles in everyday life or on vacation. But only if it is always at hand - in a home or travel first aid kit, in a cosmetic bag or a woman's purse.

MILPLAST is a line of patches with a wide range of products that allows you to choose the most effective option for solving any situation.

Only high-quality materials and the latest BASF* adhesive technology adhesive technology are used to produce MILPLAST® patches.

*BASF is a special technology for creating a biodegradable adhesive that adheres very well to the skin (does not roll off, does not fall off), and over time, upon contact with the skin, the adhesive begins to "weaken", which makes it very easy and painless to remove the patch from the skin.

High-quality Milplast patches are reliable protectors of your skin and have a number of advantages:

• Excellent adhesion

• Do not leave any traces

• Do not cause allergic reactions

• Easy to remove